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    1. Welcome to Community Feedback

      Welcome to Community Feedback, the number one resource for help with using collabs.  Feel free to browse our message boards for the latest information.

      Community Feedback is managed by volunteers who have been involved in the management of their own collabs since their introduction as Communities years ago.  It is a peer-to-peer help group with many members ready and willing to answer your questions.

      We are dedicated to helping collab managers, assistant managers, and members with everything from simple day-to-day group activities to the creation of a new group and making it successful with some exciting advanced features.  There is help available for the ongoing problems associated with working within the capabilities and restrictions of the collab architecture.  And Community Feedback is a great resource for finding out the latest information about collab frequent updates to the app software.

      We welcome novices and experienced collabs users alike.  Thanks to all for your continued support.

    2. Community (FAQ) Section

      Welcome to Peer-to-Peer support.
      "Eight Keys to being a great collab manager ."

      Check out our FAQ - that's a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers, in case you were wondering.

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