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Help and Technical (Browse Support)

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The hearts community will operate under the browse support section which has a open chatbox and support ticket to assist players. When joining this section you agree to abide by the terms and chat guidelines found at the bottom of these pages.

Help & Technical
Browse support section for help and tech will be monitored by plus members, with help from community members. Which will help make hearts a safe and fun place. If you are having problems with a disruptive player, please report the player in the support section. The Help and Technical end is hosted by volunteers as well. They will attempt to solve any related technical difficulties you may be experiencing. If you have a hearts-specific technical issues.

Please read the terms and conditions below before using support section.

Help and Technical Help Chat Rules

  1. Please keep in mind the support section is not staffed 24 hours per day. It may be necessary for plus members on duty to handle situations outside the support section. Technical questions may require research time. Therefore, not all situations can be handled immediately. If the plus member or guests are not speaking, or you don't get an immediate response to your question, it probably means they are handling situations outside or searching for the appropriate answers to other questions, using all available resources. Sending Messages and posting "Did you hear me?" are unnecessary distractions.
  2. We will try to accommodate your questions / complaints in order; however, the waiting and asking queues are managed at the plus member discretion. The plus member reserves the right to answer questions by anyone in the waiting queue in any order, as well as the right to move you out of the asking queue if necessary.
  3. Please wait your turn and refrain from Messaging for immediate attention. Message is a helpful tool when used properly, but unnecessary requests take attention away from the problem being worked on and could result in a longer delay.
  4. The primary duty of plus members is helping make people and chat community a safe and fun place for it's members. They are not obligated to handle help or technical questions.
  5. Plus members of the @Tech team are not people and chat personnel and are not in a position to alter policies. They may choose to forward your comments and suggestions on to the people and chat team, but they are not empowered to make changes in the operations of people and chat services. They cannot remove incompletes from your rating, they can't change your rating, and they can't move heaven and earth.
If you break any of these rules, you may forfeit your place in the queue, and your status may change to Watching mode only.

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