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How to Handle Disruptive Players

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Hello Community and Welcome,


The hearts community is a friendly gaming community with an established rules set by people and chat services that all players must follow. If you ever run into someone who is harassing people or otherwise being disruptive, you might take one or more of the following steps.

In the game or chat room :
  1. First, look for a Plus Member who can document the problem and take immediate action. A Plus Member is designated by a "+" before their ID.
  2. You can also "ignore" a player, which prevents you from receiving any of their chat messages while you are in the present chat or game room session. To ignore a player, click on their Member ID in the list of players in the room and then click Ignore in the box that comes up. (After you leave the chat or game room, you are no longer set to ignore that person; therefore, if you find yourself in the same room with the person again, you'll have to take this step again to ignore them.)
  3. If a Plus Member is not available, note the player's Member ID, which game room you encountered the person in, and the time the problem occurred, and then describe the problem in an e-mail to the webmaster. Make sure you include your Member ID and any chat logs or other proof of the incident.
  4. You can avoid disruptive players by building a network of friends and inviting them into private games.

At a game matchmaking square or table :
  1. If you are hosting a game and have problems with a player who has joined your table or matchmaking square, you can ask the player to leave before you launch the game. If the disruptive player refuses to leave, start a new game at another table or square.
  2. In free card and board games, you can turn off the "kibitizing" option to prevent other players from viewing your game. If you just want to ignore kibitizers' chat messages, select Silence from the Options button in the game. This prevents kibitzers from sending chat messages. You can also remove all kibitzers: If any player turns off the option to permit kibitzing, all kibitzers will be shut out of the game.
  3. If an opponent becomes disruptive during a game or does not play by the agreed-upon rules (for instance, kills their own teammates), simply quit and start a new game. Or you can either boot them from your game room if the option is available or "remove" them if you're playing a free card or board game.

In a tournament or ladder :
  1. Contact the tournament director and report the tournament issues. Contact the ladder sponsor. 

Note : Within games themselves, players are responsible for their own environment. Plus Members are not available to monitor games.

Turn Off or Limit Your Messages
To prevent people from seeing you online and sending you Messages:
  1. Right-click your Message icon (the "Z") on your taskbar and select Open .
  2. In the Friends window that appears, click Options from the menu bar, select Privacy and select No one can see me when I'm online .
  3. Click Apply and click OK .
To allow Messages between only you and your friends:
  1. Right-click your Message icon (the "Z") on your taskbar and select Open .
  2. In the Friends window that appears, click Options from the menu bar, select Privacy and select Only Friends can see me when I'm online.
  3. Click Apply and click OK . Now only your friends currently in your Friends list will be able to send messages to you or reply to ones you send.
Note : The next time you enter the community after having left and closed your Web browser, Message will be turned on by default.

It's only a game :
Don't let a few immature people spoil your fun. Just remember it's only a game. Hearts is a great community, and there are many fun-filled games to be played, challenges to be solved, and new friends to be found.

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