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Plus Member (Community Hearts Team)

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Plus Member Community Team?

Team Leader
+John @lead (e-mail) plusjohn@peopleandchat.org
Team Members
+Doe @events (e-mail) plusdoe@peopleandchat.org
+Female @events (e-mail) plusfemale@peopleandchat.org
+Joe @support (e-mail) plusjoe@peopleandchat.org
+Meme @support (e-mail) plusmeme@peopleandchat.org

This community is proud of it's dynamic community program on the best gaming site on the world!

Plus Member is a program dedicated to getting you -- the gaming experts -- into the nuts and bolts of the community so that you can help make a difference in our cozy corner of gaming cyberspace.

What is a Member Plus? 

A Member Plus is:
  • Your way of getting in on the fast paced action of the community.
  • Your way to participate by making friends, having fun, and sharing your gaming knowledge and expertise with others.
  • Your way of helping to shape the community into the best community and gaming site on the Web.

If you have any further questions about the Member Plus program, please read our FAQ or contact us via e-mail .

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