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eight keys to being a great club manager

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Welcome to Peer-to-Peer support.
"Eight Keys to being a great club manager ."

Set Yourself up for Success
Learn the features

  Use the tools to make it a place people want to be
  In two sentences, describe what you want your group to do.
  Now in one more, explain why your group is unique. You've just written your
  group description. Don't forget to spell check.

Image is Everything
Use graphics to make your main page eye-catching
  Put some photos in the photo album that will encourage others to add theirs.
  Use short snappy headlines that include a call to action.
  Put up links directly to a few hot discussions.

  • Talk tips and how-to's with other managers.
  • Check out the best. Cool Clubs!
  • Want to do more with your clubs? Get web design help.

Make Everything One Click Away
Make it easy for people to get to the goodies
  Add links on both the left column and the main page to a great message thread or
  great photo.
  Find a group you admire? Exchange links with the manager.
  Build on your members' common interests by asking them to post their fa
vorite links.

Message Boards Build Relationships
Those relationships are what keeps people coming back for more
  Sparke debate and comment by posting provocative questions.
  Direct a query to someone you know has a strong
  Be sure to delete inappropriate messages: keep your discussions on point.

  • Get feedback from other Club Managers.       
  • Create a great Club!
  • Build something fun to discover.

Flaunt it if You've Got it
Publicity adds life -- and members -- to your clubs
  Use the invite feature to get friends and family to join.
  Make sure to add keywords so search engines will pick up your group.
  Put your category in the appropriate category and choose the appropriate rating.

  • Cool 
  • Private 
  • Adult
  • Content Mature

FYI: Only Public and All Ages Groups will be promoted by people and chat. android-icon-36x36.png.3737b5694a534b4be294a566ca7663c2.png

Leverage the Talents of Your Members
Tap into their potential to help you build a great site
Your members' design or Web skills might be better than yours. Ask them for help.

Ready for Chats?

  •   Do a poll to see if the regulars want scheduled chats.
  •   Bring in a special guest or choose someone from your group
  •   who knows about the topic to run a special chat.

Club Management Don'ts

  1. Don't tolerate disrespectful behavior in your club 
  2. Don't violate copyright laws 
  3. Don't give spammers access to your members


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