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It is a peer-to-peer help group with many members ready and willing to answer your questions.

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  2. ACCOUNTS accounts@peopleandchat.org For questions and issues regarding your community account, such as account recovery, inventory questions, etc. BILLING billing@peopleandchat.org For Billing questions and issues, such as missing content, cancelling an eligible purchase, etc. MODERATION moderation@peopleandchat.org For Moderation reports and questions, such as reporting a player for misconduct, inquiring about an action, etc. TECHNICAL technical@peopleandchat.org For Technical issues and questions, such as installation, stability and performance, and connectivity. GENERAL general@peopleandchat.org For any General questions and issues not associated with other Support categories. PRIVACY privacy@peopleandchat.org For questions regarding privacy, such as data privacy concerns/protection. FEEDBACK Support section "Getting Involved" feedback@peopleandchat.org For any feedback related to people and chat services.
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    Community (Weekly) Meeting Who can attend or invite: Community Members, Plus Members and Guests Meeting Moderator: Plus Member Management Location: Theater Chat Room Event Time and Dates: Check Community Calendar Welcomes / Introductions (Opening) Committee Leader Reviews Agenda Reports and Items Attendee Remarks Meeting Notes (Ending) Community Chatroom Events Come to the Chat Auditorium to talk to some of the leading lights in the world of games. Make sure to read the rules below, and get your questions ready! All chats take place at 8:30 P.M. East Time, unless noted. All events take place at the "Community" chatroom. Please make sure you understand the rules before participating. Community Chatroom Rules In order to allow all members to participate, and to get as many of their questions answered as possible, these chats are mediated events with some easy-to-follow rules: When you enter the room, please do not talk when entering this chatroom. You will be able to talk but please do not chat. The Host of the Chat Room is called a Moderator; and this person allows you to ask questions to the guests. Note: The Chat events should not be used for technical support questions. When it's your turn, the Moderator will ask you to speak, and your Member ID will be bumped up to Asking mode. You will then be able to ask your question of the guest. Use points of ellipsis (that is, three periods, ". . .") at the end of your question if you run out of space and would like to ask more. When done with your question, type "ga" so our guest can answer. At the Moderator's discretion, you may get one follow-up question. Follow the same format as noted above. After the follow-up question, the next person in the queue will be recognized. If you break any of these rules, you may forfeit your place in the queue, and your status may change to banned or kicked until the meeting is over.
  4. Welcome to Peer-to-Peer support. "Eight Keys to being a great club manager ." Set Yourself up for Success Learn the features Use the tools to make it a place people want to be In two sentences, describe what you want your group to do. Now in one more, explain why your group is unique. You've just written your group description. Don't forget to spell check. Image is Everything Use graphics to make your main page eye-catching Put some photos in the photo album that will encourage others to add theirs. Use short snappy headlines that include a call to action. Put up links directly to a few hot discussions. Talk tips and how-to's with other managers. Check out the best. Cool Clubs! Want to do more with your clubs? Get web design help. Make Everything One Click Away Make it easy for people to get to the goodies Add links on both the left column and the main page to a great message thread or great photo. Find a group you admire? Exchange links with the manager. Build on your members' common interests by asking them to post their favorite links. Message Boards Build Relationships Those relationships are what keeps people coming back for more Sparke debate and comment by posting provocative questions. Direct a query to someone you know has a strong opinion. Be sure to delete inappropriate messages: keep your discussions on point. Get feedback from other Club Managers. Create a great Club! Build something fun to discover. Flaunt it if You've Got it Publicity adds life -- and members -- to your clubs Use the invite feature to get friends and family to join. Make sure to add keywords so search engines will pick up your group. Put your category in the appropriate category and choose the appropriate rating. Cool Private Adult Content Mature FYI: Only Public and All Ages Groups will be promoted by people and chat. Leverage the Talents of Your Members Tap into their potential to help you build a great site Your members' design or Web skills might be better than yours. Ask them for help. Ready for Chats? Do a poll to see if the regulars want scheduled chats. Bring in a special guest or choose someone from your group who knows about the topic to run a special chat. Club Management Don'ts Don't tolerate disrespectful behavior in your club Don't violate copyright laws Don't give spammers access to your members
  5. Help us help you. We always welcome constructive suggestions on how "Community Feedback" can serve you better. Working together, we can all help to make our little corner of the Internet just a little bit better. By posting, uploading, inputting, providing or submitting ("Posting") my submissions, I am granting Community Feedback permission to use my submissions in connection with the operation of the Web Group known as Community Feedback including, without limitation, the license rights to publicly display, edit, translate and reformat my submissions, and to publish my nickname in connection with my submissions. No compensation will be paid with respect to the use of my submissions, as provided herein. Community Feedback is under no obligation to post or use any submission I may provide and Community Feedback may remove any submission at any time at their sole discretion. My withdrawal from, removal from, and/or the cessation of my participation in and/or changes in the management and/or membership in Community Feedback shall not change the terms of this agreement.
  6. Report abuse directly to people and chat support section. If you are here to report illegal activity or child porn sites, do NOT post the URL in the message thread. Rather report it via the E-Form and Staffers will look into it ASAP.
  7. Do not expect direct answers from staff or volunteers. Remember, this site is managed by volunteers. They, along with many experienced members, are here to help you. The people and chat development team has staff assigned to review our messageboards and problem reports on a regular basis, but they will not answer your questions here. You are certainly welcome to express your dissatisfaction with any part of people and chat service, but we will not tolerate lewd or or obscene language, spamming, inappropriate links, or duplicate postings. If you feel the need to criticize people and chat and/or the collabs, please do it in a constructive manner. If all you want to do is rant and rave, your comments are not likely to be taken seriously.
  8. Be courteous. Please treat management and other group members in a respectful manner. We have a zero- tolerance policy toward flaming. Anyone participating in this bad behavior, even if you are defending yourself, will be banned from the group. As is the case for all collabs, we must abide by Terms of Use and Chatting Guidelines. If you are unfamiliar with them, please review them before posting. Links are provided at the bottom of this page.
  9. Use the proper message board. All questions should be posted on the General board. Please note, however, that management will not answer questions about message deletions, bannings, or other group management issues on the message boards. You are welcome to address those issues in an e-mail to the management, but be sure to include your return email address. The Tips and Tricks board is not to be used for posting questions. You may certainly ask questions about posted items in the original discussions, but do not start start a new discussion unless you are posting a new tip for other members. The only appropriate place for announcements about your group is the Promote Here board available in the left-navigation pane. Please follow the guidelines that are presented when you click the link. Collab promotion messages posted on other boards will be deleted without comment. The Off Topic board is for socializing. Controversial subject matter is prohibited because it can distract from the basic purpose of Community Feedback. Community rules apply. The Wish Board is for sharing features you would like to see in Collabs.
  10. Be specific. The subject line of your message is the most important part of the thread. Be sure to clearly identify the area/feature in the subject title. It helps those assisting you to find your thread again once any research has been completed; it helps others with similar problems find the thread; and it can help months later when someone wants to refer another member with the same problem.
  11. Please give us all the information about your problem. We often can do little to help with an issue unless you tell us how to reproduce the problem, so be sure to report the steps for making it happen. If your group is not rated Adult or Mature, it may help if you include the group name. The browser and operating system you use along with their version numbers can be important.
  12. Please try to find an answer to your question before you post. Please scan the message board for your problem before posting a new thread. If a thread is already started for your issue, add a reply there versus beginning a new thread, which allows for quicker access to all the information surrounding an issue. Check HELP, Known Problems, the FAQ, and our Tips and Tricks Index before posting a how-to question. A quick check through related help topics will give you many answers you need to troubleshoot most group features. And our FAQ is a compilation of many tips, tricks, and workarounds that have been collected from past messageboard postings. The FAQ also has a section discussing guidelines for choosing the appropriate message board for your question.
  13. Please try to find an answer to your question before you post. Please give us all the information about your problem. Be specific. Use the proper message board. Be courteous. Do not expect direct answers from staff or volunteers. Report abuse directly to people and chat support section. Help us help you.
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